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Posted By Admin, September 17th, 2015

I would say that my wife of 14 years is truly my best friend and sex is on tap, who could ask for more, but like most relationships there is always a flaw always a snake in the garden of Eden.

She has an addictive personality and her current addiction is online clothes shopping. All though I say sex is on tap her addictions, sex has never been one of her addictions.

When I first met her unbeknown to me she was a party girl, a party girl for those are not up with the modern slang a party girly is a coke addict. It was only when her sister pointed it out to me that the penny dropped, the frequent visits to the toilet, her being up a height, dirty sex and of course the constant chatter about total shit. It was great for me at the beginning but once you have shot your load the last thing you want is your bird pulling your cock trying to get it hard again 5 minutes later.

We got through that and all the other addictions that followed but the current addiction is killing me, she has become addicted to online shopping, clothes, shoes, dresses, trainers, and sunglasses. We have now maxed all our credit cards and she has taken out loans with the bank and loans with high interest loan companies and today after a loud knock on the door loans with loan sharks.

I have decided at 40 years old I still have a future ahead of me and I cant be doing this any more so I decided to leave my best friend, my wife and try and start a fresh start. The easy part was leaving her, the difficult part was being away from the kids and the hard part was. The sex tap got turned off. She begged and pleaded, screamed and cried promised me this and that but I stood firm then she used the tool that all women use, dirty talk, naked pictures with the caption do what ever you want with me. I held firm and didn’t succumb to temptation but 5 days later and sick of wanking she messaged me. I know its over but how about a no strings attached fuck, walk in fuck me then just leave. Well when you put it like that why not. I was heading back for a no sting encounter but got side tracked in the local garage waiting to pay for my fuel, in front of me was this chubby fucker and next to him was this stunning eastern European bird explain down the phone her services. I was intrigued so I decided to ask this guy who was with her what was it all about, he whispered to me that he was an escort agency driver and she was one of the girls.

I sat in my car pondering this conversation as I had no idea what an escort was so I decided to Google it and fuck me at the top of Google was the headline "Enfield Escorts" £120 no strings attached, now where had I heard that! I then made one of the most impulsive decisions of my life and I rang and booked an escort. I declined the offer from my wife and headed back for my encounter. My escort arrived I paid £120 and for the next hour I had the most amazing no string sexual encounter of my life and when the hour was up she kissed me on the cheek and said her good byes, just like that.

I am now well and truly over my wife who has straightened her life out but now it is me who has the addiction and its she that now chasing me for money which I have not got.



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