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Posted By Admin, October 24th, 2016

I was shocked to hear that the person most famous for being famous in the world, Kim Kardashian, has been robbed at gunpoint at her rental home in Paris. Apparently the star, who initially attracted the public spotlight as a friend and stylist to Paris Hilton and then later made the big time breakthrough she craved via a leaked sex tape, had millions of dollars’ worth of jewellery taken. It’s incredible to think that someone who must employ a legion of armed guards is such an easy target for crooks and thieves. On the other hand the average girl with her paste bling and last season’s handbags is likely to attract such a ruthless and well-armed gang!

Being someone who is drawn to both sexes – which actually works really well as an escort as I often visit couples as well as singles – I have to admit to having a secret crush on Kim and the only thing I’d ever want to steal from her is a kiss. According to the papers she is unhurt but shaken and I imagine it will take some time for the shock to wear off. Her husband, the uber rich and famous Kanye, immediately left the stage in New York where he was performing in order to check on his other half. You would have thought he would have been there with her – I’ve heard that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world – but I guess that’s just how it is when you are in the entertainment industry and building an empire like Kanye is and so have obligations to perform.

Kim was in Paris to attend a fashion show, what with Paris being the fashion capital of the world. I guess criminal gangs are well aware that these kind of events attract high profile, wealthy, individuals and so it is just a matter of how they bypass a star’s security. But I’m really surprised that someone as rich as Kim K would have so much valuable jewellery in her rented house – hasn’t she heard of bank vaults? Still, no doubt the jewel thieves will be brought to justice.

Though I do appreciate the finer things in life and agree that diamonds are a girl’s best friend most of my jewellery is of nominal or distinctly average value. I have some gold bracelets and necklaces and some diamond rings and the like but nothing that would warrant too much attention even when I go full bling. It’s all relative I suppose. However, I do know a girl however who is often the recipient of very generous gifts from appreciative clients and who was once given a very expensive watch following an evening of passion with a jet set businessman in his private plane on the tarmac at the city of London airport – allegedly! LOL.

I do hope that all is well with the gorgeous and super sexy Kim and that we all get to see her again real soon, and I don’t necessarily mean in a string of naked selfies like those she published on social media recently (though to be honest I wouldn’t complain if she did and neither would her legion of male fans I’m sure!) Actually, what I would suggest is that Kim K make the most of the publicity surrounding this unfortunate event and turn this nasty business into good business by publishing naked pictures where she is seen wearing only expensive jewellery! I often have really good ideas like this – I think Kim should give me a call and I will gladly become her pretty publicist. As an escort I could also give her some tips on how to keep Kanye happy… not that they have any issues in that area I am more than sure!



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