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Posted By Admin, November 6th, 2015

Me and wife have been going through a bad patch now for at least 8 months, the constant little arguments, the stand offs, sleeping in different rooms, the huffs etc. etc. but the worst for me is when a women turns the sex tap off.

As a highly sexed in my 30s and her in her early 20s and now having gone 3 weeks without any action I decided to book my self an escort. Most of my mates some married some single book escorts, they tell me that years ago there was a stigma about it, now it the norm and as common as telling people your on a dating site.

After much humming and haring I plucked up the courage to book my self a bird. I checked my self into a travel lodge after telling Cindy my wife I was going to have a few days away just to clear my head, when actual fact I wanted to clear my full sack.

First stop the internet and typed in the search term visiting escort then landed on I was a cracking site, good descriptions good pictures and very informative, after a good look through the site I found the lady I wanted her name was Cindy how fucking ironic and I chose her for her reviews, It seamed that everyone that had booked her had been to heaven and back.

I phoned up the agency to see how things were done and Cindy was booked so I couldn’t speak to her but the receptionist told me she could take the booking for her and just send her around when she was free, that worked for me. I was told she would be at my hotel hopefully 80 to 90 minutes.

I went back onto their site to see if there was anyone else that caught my eye but of the 60 girls she was the one for me, she was classed as a mature escort, couldn’t see her face as the escort agency had obscured her, age 44, dress size 8-10 5’6 hazel eyes 34 E (nice big tits) and a blond, Hobbies from what I read was providing you with the time of your life.

Having waited 3 hours and had a few drinks as Dutch courage I must have dozed of and the next I heard was a gentle knocking at the door. My escort had arrived, I rushed to the door and opened it quickly not bothering to look through the spy hole and there I was face to face with my escort who left me standing there speechless for the first time in my life my lips would not move, yes speechless, for in front of me with a body to die for, slim and so sexy with fantastic tits wearing heavy bright red lipstick as per my request and dressed as a secretary again as per my request, high heels, black stockings, long flowing blonde hair, a woman so well made up and manicured oozing class, yes I was absolutely speechless because in front of me stood my Mother –in- Law.

Thing went better than I expected, I can honestly say that was the best night of my life, although no money-changed hands, (her idea) I did get to empty my sack more than once in the 3 hours we were together. Although we did agree never to speak of it again I did leave her a cryptic review on the agency’s website.

3 weeks on and back at home everything is fantastic like a happy switch was turned in the home and the sex is better than ever and my wife even surprised me one Friday night when I got in from work, she was dressed as a secretary with bright red lipstick, coincidence? Best not go there



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