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The joy of X
Posted By Admin, June 6th, 2016

In the nineteen seventies there was a lot of controversy over a book written by one Doctor Alex Comfort which went into minute and rather interesting detail as to how to make the most of your sex life. In short it was the Karma Sutra brought up to speed and westernised. Alongside the very intimate accounts of what to put where there were also a large number of graphic images - line drawings - featuring a very comely young woman and a man who can only be described as 'of his time'. In other words he was a flower power child, a Led Zeppelin loving hairy dude who looked as though he would be just as home in a commune as in his lover's bedroom.

Actually, the hirsute hero of 'The Joy of Sex' is probably back in vogue as we now have the whole 'hipster phenomenon with all manner of facial hair growth considered cool and trendy. I wonder if the publishers of the joy of sex have considered republishing this seminal work along with new illustrations or better still, with full colour photographs featuring real live hot models? 'The Hipsters Joy of Sex' could turn out to be a bestseller.

But this blog is not really about the 'Joy of Sex', it is about 'the joy of X'. What is X you may ask? Well I think it is the unknown quantity, that mysterious and super sexy quantity that separates an escort for an average girl next door. It is also that excitement that one gets before the first meeting with a brand new escort, wondering what she is going to be like and how the evening is going to pan out.

I am always super hyped and super excited when I go on a first date. Meeting a new guy is such a hot experience and my heart always races a little. By the time I tap on a hotel room door I am a little nervous, but full of anticipation as to where it all might end. What I like about men is that they are so visual in their desire and as a result a guy can enjoy a blonde, a brunette or a redhead, a black girl or a Caucasian girl, a pale skinned girl or a tasty tanned model - a man just goes by looks. Well, that and that little sprinkle of star dust I call 'X' and which only an escort has on tap!

When attempting to quantify just exactly what X is I often find myself thinking about confidence. Whatever you do in life if you do it with confidence you are far more likely to succeed. When I see a guy in a club trying to pull a girl and he is anxious or stumbling over his words or showing signs of distress he is far less likely to end up in that girl's bed come closing time than a confident - but not over confident - man. Actually, if you are a little nervous around women then spending time with a super sexy escort will be a big boost to your ability to act more confidently around hot women generally. An escort instinctively puts a guy at ease and so loving and so giving that you cannot help but feel relaxed and satisfied in her company.

So why not find your joy of X by spending time with an escort or two? Perhaps you will be able to work out just what it is that makes an escort so special. But, if you don't manage to identify that special certain something then no worries. Instead just bask in her beauty, revel in her ravishingly curved body, then look into her eyes and just think X!



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